Getting Started with Optimizely Experimentation

Those working as strategists need an understanding of the foundation, value, and strategies of experimentation to drive a culture of digital transformation within their company. This subscription of eLearning courses is ideal for program managers, C-Level positions, and/or experimentation contributors.


Due to Optimizely Academy's migration to a new learning platform this week, this course will not be available to access. You can read more about the migration here:  FAQ


Getting Started with Experimentation: This course is perfect for anyone new to/returning to experimentation. We cover the experimentation methodology/cycle, experimentation types, traffic allocation options and the next steps to take in the education journey. (This replaces the former Web Strategist Subscription)


  • What is Experimentation?
  • The Experimentation Cycle
  • Experiment Type A/B
    • A/B/n
    • Multivariate
    • Multi-Page
    • Multi-Armed Bandit
    • Personalization
  • Automatic Traffic Allocators: Stats Accelerator and Multi-Armed Bandit
  • Next Steps

Audience: Anyone new to Experimentation

Next Steps: Education’s Goals & Metrics class, followed by Expert Services Goals & Metrics workshop