Optimizely Experimentation Bootcamp

The Optimizely Experimentation Bootcamp is designed for strategists, developers, architects, anyone in the partner network who wants hands on experience in how to design and launch experiments in the Optimizely Experimentation Platform. The one day session led by Optimizely’s expert trainers, will also explain how to implement Web and Full Stack products to create dynamic experiments.

Scheduled course
8 hours split over 4 days

Presented by Ellie Boesewetter | Experimentation Training Consultant, Bruce Gordon | Technical Trainer, Edgard Dias Batista | Experimentation Training Consultant

*Please note that this course will run for 2 hours over 4 consecutive days, the same time every day.

The first two sessions will equip you with the fundamental best practices for designing and launching an experiment in the Optimizely Experimentation Platform. You will learn how to align experimentation goals with business goals; how to define primary, secondary, and monitoring metrics for individual experiments; how to use data to develop experimentation ideas and much more.  At the end of this session, participants will be able to design an experiment, configure it on Optimizely Platform, as well as launch and analyze experiment results.

Sessions 3 and 4 will demonstrate how to use the Optimizely Web and Full Stack products to create dynamic experiments. Using the Web platform you will learn how to target web pages and audiences for use in various types of experiments, and how to apply more advanced techniques and settings to achieve the  desired results. You will learn the basics of how to integrate the Full Stack SDK into your application logic that dynamically syncs with settings defined in the Optimizely UI. Finally, this course will show you have to add events and metrics that feed into our best-in-class analytics engine for generating experimentation results.

The agenda is as follows:

Experiment Design Strategy Training (Session 1)

  • Experimentation Methodology & Experiment Types
  • Experiment Goals & Metrics
  • Data Driven Ideation & Hypothesis
  • Experiment Design Brief
  • Results Review
  • Program Scale

Optimizely Web Platform & Results Page Training  (Session 2)

  • Create Pages, Events, Audiences
  • Build an Experiment
  • Create variations using the visual editor
  • QA Experiments
  • Reading the Optimizely results page

Web: Optimizely Web for Developers (Session 3)

  • Configure of Pages, Events, Audiences with advanced settings
  • Consider Optimizely Order of Execution when architecting experiments
  • Use Optimizely JavaScript API
  • Debug events and variations using advanced methods

Full Stack:  Introduction to Full Stack for Developers (Session 4)

  • SDK implementation
  • Mobile and server-side implementations
  • Building Full Stack experiments
  • Targeting experiments and rollouts with Audiences
  • Tracking Events/Metrics in experiments
  • Controlling experiment and rollout traffic

The course is held live so you are encouraged to ask questions and be active participants. You will receive access to the recording of the session for 30 days after the course via the Optimizely Academy.