Customized training solutions

Our premium training subscriptions contain a set of core courses specific to your job role, access to a broader collection of courses and the support of a dedicated personal trainer. You will be able to attend virtual classroom sessions at no additional charge and receive invites to exclusive webinars.

Optimizely Experimentation Bootcamp

The Optimizely Experimentation Bootcamp is designed for strategists, developers, architects, anyone in the partner network who wants hands on experience in how to design and launch experiments in the Optimizely Experimentation Platform. The one day session led by Optimizely’s expert trainers, will also explain how to implement Web and Full Stack products to create dynamic experiments.

Become an Optimizely Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Optimizely is currently seeking qualified individuals to participate in the subject matter expert (SME) program to help with exam design activities and exam content development activities. 

Apply today and be a key contributor to the advancement of Optimizely's education mission!

Because all training is self-paced, the actual time to complete can vary widely:

  • Roughly 100 hours to complete all or most of a Developer subscription (typically over a 4-8 week period)
  • About 25-35 hours to complete all or most of a Business User subscription (typically over a 3-4 week period)

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We accept all forms of major credit cards. We do not accept PayPal.

Generally, the currently available version of Optimizely. Exceptions can be made for dedicated training sessions.

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