Content Editor premium subscription

Whether you are new to content editing or new to Optimizely's Content Cloud, this course is for you. Using Optimizely’s best practices, this course introduces and exposes you to the features and functionalities of Optimizely Content Cloud to best help you maintain, deliver and promote content. This course is ideal for those who prefer to independently study, but also appreciate additional support from a dedicated instructor.

Premium subscription

This is a blended learning program with 1.5 hours of dedicated instructor support. The course is comprised of self-study instructor led videos and exercises to test your knowledge. Access the course for up to 12 months (including updates) and enjoy invites to an online instructor-led classroom training session where you get hands-on experience in an Optimizely environment. The Content Editor Instructor led training is included in the Premium subscriptions. You will be able to use more of the Optimizely features and get a deeper understanding of the different add-ons that help you manage and personalize your content to you & your visitors' needs.

Getting more out of Optimizely's Content Cloud is within reach. Upon completion of this course, content editors will have expanded their knowledge & tool belt and will be able to:​

  • Manage, create and structure website content​
  • Work with versions, blocks, images and projects​
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​
  • Monitor traffic with Google Analytics for Optimizely​
  • Optimize conversion rates with A/B testing​
  • Create visitor groups​
  • Personalize content​

We recommend that you have basic computer skills and text editing experience and are comfortable with using the internet. After enrollment, allow 6 hours to complete the core eLearning path.  You have 12 months access to the course materials, instructor led support and invites to classroom sessions and webinars.