Migrating to Optimizely CMS 12 and Commerce 14

This course was designed for developers, architects and project managers that need to understand the technical implications of major Optimizely platform iterations. It will target all modern .NET 5 and later versions, including CMS 12, Commerce 14 and Search & Navigation 14. You will also learn how to migrate your current version to CMS 12.

2 1/2 hours

This is a full preview of a live masterclass taught by guest presenter, Scott Reed and Opitimizely's expert trainer, Mark Price. A list of breaking changes will show you where to expect changes and which legacy features they can be replaced with.  Also discussed are modern .NET techniques used by CMS 12 and Commerce 14, like the ASP.NET Core start-up process and configuration solutions to make future migrations go as smooth as possible.


Course agenda:

  • Introduction to Optimizely CMS 12 and Commerce 14
  • New skills and techniques for modern .NET
  • Preparing CMS 11 solutions today for migration to CMS 12
  • Q&A