Commerce Cloud developer premium subscription

Complexity is no stranger to a B2C Commerce developer who build foundations for merchandisers, marketers, administrators and store owners. This subscription contains everything you need to build Optimizely Commerce Cloud solutions, and by subscribing to Optimizely's official training you will always have access to advanced know-how direct from our expert trainers.

Premium subscription
Certification available

This training is for those who want to develop core and advanced functionality for Optimizely Commerce Cloud solutions.  You will explore working with e-commerce related tasks, such as catalogue modelling and order management; investigating cloud-based search options as well as Optimizely’s own Search & Navigation; and provider-based possibilities for payments and shipments. This is ideal for those of you who like to work independently, at your own pace, and value the importance of having personalized training sessions with a dedicated instructor to guide and mentor you on your way to successful implementations and ultimately becoming an Optimizely certified developer.

The content covers fundamental and advanced topics that a developer needs to know to build solutions with Optimizely Commerce Cloud. The core training takes 40-60 hours to complete, plus access to additional content on developing Optimizely Add-ons.  You have access to the course for 12 months plus updates as well as 3 hours of personalized coaching with an instructor. In addition to 3 hours of instructor-led support, also included is an Optimizely Commerce Cloud Developer certification exam attempt.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Manage richer catalogue modelling utilizing the catalogue system
  • Use additional options for the included search provider mode.
  • Explore provider-based possibilities for payments and shipments
  • Customize site behavior by overriding included services
  • Create custom promotions using the included promotion engine
  • Use inventory management inventory and pricing rules
  • Build feature rich, reliable, secure and resilient marketing websites

Optimizely CMS development experience is required for this course.