Business training

Our business user training programs are ideal for content editors, marketers, administrators or anyone who needs to effectively manage Optimizely business solutions.

Role-based training:

As a content editor, you breathe life into websites. Learn how to structure your site, create and manage content using Content Cloud. Learn how to use advanced features like content recommendations, personalization and analytics with our premium subscription.

Recommended editor training

Content editor premium subscription


As a merchandiser, you understand even the finest details about your products and services. Learn how to import and synchronize items from your ERP, refine how they are displayed with web-oriented tools, then adapt them to match the look and feel of your website.

Recommended merchandiser training

Merchandiser premium subscription


B2B Commerce Cloud Merchandiser


As a customer service representative (CSR), you are no stranger to fielding questions through various channels. Maximize your on-the-ground coverage with training designed to help you master online orders, merchandising, shipping, billing and more.

Recommended CSR trainings

Customer service representative training


B2B Commerce Cloud Customer Service Representative


As an administrator, you are the website gatekeeper and a resource to all business users. Learn how to manage users and user groups, rights and permissions and approval workflows.

Recommended administrator training

Content Cloud administrator premium subscription


B2B Commerce Cloud Administrator


A marketer is the face of a brand, telling stories, selling products and frequently engaging with target audiences. Marketers run campaigns and promotions to orchestrate touchpoints with customers and prospects. Marketers understand the importance of a strong website that drives conversions and delivers a powerful user experience.

Recommended marketer training

B2B Commerce Cloud Marketer


An eCommerce manager has both the technological know-how as well as the marketing expertise to create digital experiences that increase traffic to their company’s digital channels and drive revenue. eCommerce managers measure the level of visitor traffic and digital engagement while also tracking transactions and revenue.

Recommended eCommerce manager training

B2B Commerce Cloud eCommerce Manager


Those working as experimentation strategists need an understanding of defining and working toward business goals, identifying opportunities to improve the user experience, formulating experiment hypotheses, implementing experiments, and interpreting experiment results.

Recommended strategy training

Getting Started with Optimizely Experimentation


Customized training solutions

Our premium training subscriptions contain a set of core courses specific to your job role, access to a broader collection of courses and the support of a dedicated personal trainer. You will be able to attend virtual classroom sessions at no additional charge and receive invites to exclusive webinars.

Feedback is always welcome, e-learning courses may contain a brief evaluation form at the end, a star rating or your instructor may provide a link. To provide additional feedback, email:

Course enrollments are only intended for individual candidates and cannot be shared or transferred.

Look out for a reminder from Optimizely academy.

It is intended to supplement e-learning materials, not replace them. Don’t expect the instructor to cover a topic in its entirety, but address lingering questions, aspects specific to the needs of your site or organization, relevant topics lacking in the e-learning materials and challenges with a particular exercise.